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Important Message:

The COVID-19 virus is hurting the most vulnerable people in Peterborough.

The COVID-19 virus will change operations at One Roof. Effective immediately, One Roof is closed as a drop-in centre. This will be a significant blow to people who value One Roof as a safe space and who use it for many essential services.

But One Roof is dedicated to providing meals to people in need. Your gift can keep the lunch program going during this difficult time.

The Salvation Army is not able to serve breakfast, and Pubic Health wants to keep the numbers of people congregating as low as possible.

We want to balance the safety and the needs of vulnerable people who need food with the limited number of staff we have to support the program.

One Roof staff will run the kitchen going forward. The staff will cook a big lunch and serve takeout meals outside the entrance to One Roof. With no breakfast programs and no dinner programs in the city, your gift can ensure that people receive a healthy meal.

One Roof staff plan to prepare large portions so that people can ration food for the day. This will help limit the risk of exposure for vulnerable individuals.

To support One Roof during this trying time, please consider a donation.

We know you and your family are affected by COVID-19. You might not be able to give as much as you would like, and we understand. If you can give, please give generously.

We will provide regular updates to you.

Food for our community made possible by our community.

One Roof is a not-for-profit charitable community initiative that’s pure Peterborough – unique, original and based on a ‘roll up the sleeves and let’s do something’ attitude. Though we receive funding from the City of Peterborough, we still need to fundraise over 50% of our budget from individuals like you.

Because being part of the solution is the Peterborough way and change starts with community and a warm meal.

One Roof is run as part of the charitable efforts of the Anglican Church of St John the Evangelist.

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Quick Facts

The Need is to raise the funds necessary to enable ONE ROOF to continue to serve hot meals to those in need. Through your secure online donation, you become part of the solution to helping your community.

It super simple and takes less than one minute to complete. You can also choose to donate online or in person by cheque. Your generosity serves meals to hungry people living in Peterborough. Thank you.

Donate Now

Today, we continue to serve meals from our location in the lower level of St Johns Anglican Church. Our meals are inclusive and we do not judge. All are welcome to attend and seek nourishment through healthy food and community support. And while we focus our efforts on providing hot meals, One Roof has now become an important ‘hub’ for our community.

Through partnerships with various organizations including PARN, Nurse 360 Degree, Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre, Kawartha Youth Unlimited, Community Training and Development Council, Dental Community Outreach, and others, ONE ROOF has become the meeting place in connecting individuals with much needed medical and support care. Our facility also provides work placement opportunity for students of Fleming and Trent University.

YOU can be part of a solution to the challenges the vulnerable face within Peterborough. As the events of ‘tent city’ this past summer created much dialogue and controversy within our town, one simple message remains. Do you wish to participate in a solution when many choose only to cast judgement? Perhaps you felt the need to participate in social media threads, perhaps it was a conversation around the campfire, the dinner table, or the pub, expressing strong concerns. NOW is your chance – a simple donation to back your words with action.

There is no ‘perfect answer’, no ‘one size fits all’, ‘Band-Aid fix’ to homelessness and addiction. The issues around mental illness, depression, disability, economic hardship, physical abuse, substance abuse, marital breakdowns, a challenged housing/rental market are complex. But there is one simple way to make a real difference in your community. You can become part of the solution. Donate. Support the nourishment of those that need a hand up.

Do you want to get involved and serve?

Come break down barriers and break bread with those in your community. We encourage you to come for a meal, engage with our community and let’s have a chat about how you can help. WE are always looking for volunteers as it takes a virtual army to feed our community each day. Please reach out to us at 705-874-1812 to learn more about how you can help.

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St. John's Anglican Church
99 Brock St, Peterborough, ON
(705) 874-1812